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AZPOSE 30W LED Microwave Sensor Floodlight

Available in two colours (white/black), the AZPOSE XL2S-3030 is a LED floodlight fixture with built-in microwave sensor and comes with a IR remote control. With the built-in microwave sensor, AZPOSE XL2 can toggle between 100% and 0% brightness which further reduces the power consumption.

Product Overview

Superb Performance

  • Energy-efficient LED light source provides higher brightness
  • Saves up to 80% energy compared to conventional floodlights
  • IP65-compliant rugged casing ensures water-proof and no pest entry
  • Maintenance free for lifespan of 50,000 hours


  • Separate pan and tilt adjustment gives maximum flexibility for illumination
  • Adjustable duration for illumination: 5/10/30sec/1/5/15min
  • Adjustable operating mode: Daytime/Dusk/Night

Motion Sensor

  • Built-in microwave motion sensor to provide sensing
  • Motion sensor detection angle: 30-150°
  • Detection Range: 9m
  • Microwave induction sensitivity: high/medium/low sensitivity control
  • Low standby power of <0.5W


  • Outdoor lighting (walkway, car porch, garden etc.)
  • Commercial lighting 




Model No.: XL2S-3030

Colour: white/black

Wattage: 30W

Input: 100-277V~, 50-60Hz

Lumen: 3000lm

CRI: >80

Colour Temp.: warm white/cool white/daylight

IP Rating: IP65

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Dimension: 210(W) x 202(H) x 235.6(D)mm



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